water damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring a property back to pre-loss condition after sustaining any level of water damage. It requires the knowledge of professional master builders to achieve perfection and quality. There is no exact regulation that dictates a certain procedure in restoring a water damage. Proper evaluation of the extent of damage is what counts most.

Here in our company, Water Damage Restoration Houston, we do not just dry the damaged materials or replace them immediately. We assess, document, and evaluate them firsthand before doing any restoration. We also have certain principles in evaluating the damages, and drying the materials which can still be restored. We may use or include sanitizing, sterilizing, deodorizing, and drying, before we restore the said contents and materials. In cases where some contents and materials that we find would be unsalvageable, we notify you and discard of these contents. We are a group of professionals and experts that offer high quality services in restoring carpets or other materials that has been largely damaged by water. We document the materials which were affected by the water damage, and also determine the proper value of the damaged materials. Evaluating the damage needs to be thorough so we can approximate our response and plan to restore the damage. We need to take into consideration the category in which the water emerged as it is part of the water assessment and it is based on the level of contamination.